Medieval & Early Modern Times test

This is a Medieval quiz and mainly review on 7th grade. This invovles medieval tribes and some still live today such as the Britons and Franks. etc

Now lets see if you can complete this test and get a 100 percent. i guess that's the main goal I wish you good luck. if your in 7th grade you may have an advantage

Created by: Daniel Hernandez
  1. What did the Aztec's control by the end of that 15th century as a military empire that collected tribute from rivals?
  2. In 865 the relative peace was shattered by who?
  3. How many years did the Byzantine Empire last?
  4. About how many years did the Celts last?
  5. The Irish remained in _____ _____ during the middle ages.
  6. Which dynasty ruled China from the years 618 to 907? ( for 289 years )
  7. The chinese invented paper, steel, paper money, gun powder and the _______.
  8. The ______ and the Vikings were one germanic and barbarian tribes known to the romans.
  9. Who was a germanic tribe on the Danube River frontier?
  10. The Huns were nomadic people from around where?
  11. What prevented the Mongols to invade Japan for the second time and possibly destroy them?
  12. What is Seppuku?
  13. A warrior and/or a knight lived by this code and the Samurai lived by this code.
  14. According to the Mayan calender, the world is due to end when?
  15. How many years did the Mayans last?
  16. How did the last Mayan center come to an end?
  17. The Mongols were nomads from the steppes of where?
  18. Who was the leader of the Huns? ( the huns lasted for 45 years )
  19. How did Attila the Hun die?
  20. Who was the Mongols "mighty ruler"? ( 80% of Mongolia is related to this man )
  21. Which one of these tribes fought and defeated "the last 300: ( spartans )
  22. What does Viking mean?
  23. Which name is NOT one of the 5 pillars of Islam
  24. When did the Renaiassance begin?
  25. Who was the Joan Of Arc? And how did she die?
  26. What was the "black death"?

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