Who Would You Be In Medieval Times?

In Medieval times there were some... interesting characters. I have narrowed it down to nine of them. Take this quiz to see which one of them you are!

Are you a Queen? Are you a Sorcerer? Are you a Peasant? Take this quiz to find out! Djghfje jfjtiejf jfjgjvjdv jdjgibfjejej hehfguvu ehfjvuf ejfjfje djf

Created by: Ash
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  1. Day or Night?
  2. Wander or Seek?
  3. Show or Tell?
  4. Leader, follower, or loner?
  5. Heads or tails?
  6. Gold or Silver?
  7. Light or Shadow?
  8. Question or Answer?
  9. Brains or Brawns?
  10. Face or Flee?
  11. Salt or Sugar?
  12. More or Less?
  13. Sword or Stone?
  14. Inside or outside of the box?
  15. Glow or Sparkle?
  16. Create or add on?
  17. Sun or Moon?
  18. Buttons or Zippers?
  19. Old or New?
  20. Big or Small?
  21. Water or Fire?
  22. Earth or Air?
  23. Metal or Wood?
  24. Beauty or Grace?
  25. Knowledge or Talent?
  26. Ghostly, or angelic?
  27. Remember or Relive?
  28. Roses or Sunflowers?

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