Which Pilgrim are you?

The Canterbury Tales is a story of many different Pilgrims who lived and played different roles during Medieval times. The many pigrims during this time were fascinating because of their social statues and their bravery. Find out which Pilgrim you would be during these Medival times!

Are you a good or bad pilgrim? During this Medevial time they were very religious are you? Good luck in your quiz hope its what you expected your character to be!

Created by: Raquel Castaneda

  1. What word best appeals to you?
  2. How religious are you?
  3. Do you enjoy the finer things in life?
  4. If caught your best friends wife or husband cheating would you?
  5. What Character do you think you are?
  6. Are you male or female?
  7. Do you believe in marriage?
  8. Is social statues important to you?
  9. Will you fight for what you believe in?
  10. Do you enjoy smoking and drinking?

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Quiz topic: Which Pilgrim am I?