The Medieval Love Letters: Yours Unsincerly

Welcome to the Medieval Love Letters series that I'm making. It revolves around various characters who are seeking marraige. This first part involves a villian trying to charm Princess Marietta by pretending to be a prince.

So, is this the series for you? Find out by reading this part and reading future parts! Be sure to leave a comment! And rate this quiz! Thanks a billion!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. You are an evil villain. You want to marry Princess Marietta, but you'll have to fool her into thinking you are a prince. You start your first letter to her. How do you begin it?
  2. After the letter is finished and sent, you recieve a reply from Marietta. "My dear fellow, perhaps we could have luncheon together and chat on saturday? Signed, Princess Marietta de Gloria". You know you couldn't. How do you reply?
  3. Marietta replies to your latest letter in this manner: "I am very upset that you did not come to my luncheon on saturday. But you can make up for it by attending a party tonight. It is formal attire. See you there. Yours sincerely, Marietta. How do you handle the situation?
  4. After that, you recieve a card from Marietta's father, Pablum. It reads: To comeberlin: My boy, Marietta wants to know if you will wed her. How do you answer?
  5. After a month of letter exanging with Marietta and her parents, you begin to worry that Marietta suspects you. So what do you do to make you seem like a real prince?
  6. Thats all for now.... But keep reading, okay?
  7. Did you like this?
  8. Will you read the next part when it comes out ?
  9. Okay! When you submit your results, you will find out if Marietta suspects you or not, alright?
  10. Do you think she suspects you ?

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Quiz topic: The Medieval Love Letters: mys Unsincerly