19th Century Conservatism v. Liberalism

During the early 19th Century, the terms Conservative and Liberal meant very different things from what they do today. A Conservative looked toward upholding traditional values and government, while a Liberal of the time thought mostly of change and reform.

So, though you may consider yourself one or the other in the modern sense of the word, what are you as of 200 years ago? Would you support long-standing traditions, or would you support the autonomy of diverse ethnic groups? Please note: Understanding of early 19th Century Europe may help in answering questions.

Created by: Isa
  1. A country's government should stay as it was in order to prevent uprisings and rebellions of any sort.
  2. In order for a government to be considered successful, the governed must agree with its principles.
  3. Monarchies, Aristocrats and the church are the pillars of government.
  4. Empires must allow representative bodies to have a say, even if their regions later call for autonomy because of their individual power.
  5. Speaking of Empires, the only true form of government has a representative body. Ex: The only effective form of a Monarchy is a constitutional Monarchy.
  6. Economy should be overseen by the government so that no one firm may demand market prices, and thus, bring the population into utter ruin.
  7. University professors and scholarly journals should be allowed to lecture and write what they wish, even if it be against other religions or ethnicities.
  8. Do you agree with the Carlsbad Decrees of 1819 which called for university inspectors, press censors, and the termination of a radical student organization?
  9. With what group would you most associate yourself with?
  10. King Louis XVIII's coronation leads to a few years of moderate policies. The Ultraroyalist's rally led to the condemnation of liberals, ease of arrest, more votes to the wealthy, and press censorship. At least the monarch regained his power.
  11. During the Spanish Revolution of 1820, Army Officers had every right to rebel against King Ferdinand VII when he dissolved the Cortes (parliament).
  12. European Revolts during the 19th Century led to more effective forms of government.
  13. When Austria marched into Naples, a peaceful and ordered government was restored.
  14. The Greek Revolution of 1821 was a struggle between Greek freedom and Asian despotism in the Ottoman Empire.
  15. Since the Haitian people want freedom from France, they should receive it, though it may go against the norm.
  16. You are most likely to support:
  17. The Junta factions were good until they started to become too powerful and excluded the "Peninsulares".
  18. Do you support the independence of New Spain?
  19. Which of these Russian secret societies would you associate yourself the most?
  20. If you were British, would you support the government during the early 1800s?

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