Nineteenth Century Political Affiliations

Did the words "liberal" and "conservative" mean the same thing in the nineteenth century as they do now? Even then, politics were complicated, and the divisions between ideologies caused the development of political affiliations.

Back then, siding with a political team could be either very advantageous or very dangerous. To find out whether you would've been regarded as a liberal or a conservative or a nationalist in the nineteenth century, take this quiz now!

Created by: Lin Zheng
  1. Countries should intervene in the political affairs of other nations to maintain hereditary monarchy and to restore order in the case of revolution.
  2. The peninsulares should not receive political patronage because government occupations should be awarded based on merit rather than birthright.
  3. Guilds should be abolished.
  4. Germany should be united under a shared language and ethnic background.
  5. Tariffs and other protectionist measures should be abolished.
  6. The Greek Revolution of 1821 was a righteous battle for freedom against Ottoman despotism.
  7. Louis XVIII should be overthrown and replaced with the count of Artois.
  8. The British government's response to the Cato Street Conspiracy was justified.
  9. States should cooperate on an international scale to maintain a balance of power.
  10. Schools should teach people to accept their status in life and to spurn social mobility.
  11. Censorship and secret police are necessary to maintain stability.
  12. The number of voters in England should be increased by adding representatives for the previously unrepresented districts and cities.
  13. An alliance between crown, nobility, and the Church is necessary to maintain stability.
  14. The practice of primogeniture should be restored in France.
  15. As advocated by the Northern and Southern Societies, serfdom should end in Russia.
  16. As advocated by Simon Bolivar, the future of Latin America should be republicanism, and Bolivar should become the leader of Venezuela instead of San Martin.
  17. With Greece now independent, they should declare Athens to be the capital because the city connects the struggle for independence with ancient Athenian democracy.
  18. Karl Sand should be regarded as a martyr for his bold deed.
  19. Burschenschaften is a dangerous and subversive organization that should be suppressed.
  20. The people of France should ignore the king's Four Ordinances.

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