Nineteenth Century Political Views

Historians often referred to the nineteenth century as the great period of "isms." It was during this century that nationalism, liberalism, republicanism, socialism, communism, and conservatism received much attention.

Which one of the six political views (nationalist, liberal, conservative, republican, communist, or socialist) would you be considered? Thanks to this quiz you will now be able to find out where your political views fall.

Created by: laura
  1. The Industrial Revolution brought injustice, inequalities, and suffering.
  2. Capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth amongst a small segment of society.
  3. Private owners of production exploit the workers.
  4. The only way to remedy the problem of the working class is to place the power in the hands of the community.
  5. Change is okay, as long as it is gradual and occurs naturally.
  6. The idea of representative government is appalling and you reject the notion.
  7. Legitimate monarchies, landed aristocracies, and established churches are the foundation for a strong political order.
  8. Edmund Burke should be idolized for his classic text, Reflections on the Revolution in France.
  9. You are opposed to Laissez Faire economic policies.
  10. The French Revolution was horrifying. You yearn for the old ways of the monarchy.
  11. Popular sovereignty is the key to a successful nation because the quality of the people determines a nation.
  12. Ethnic and political boundaries should coincide, meaning that national borders should be drawn based on nationality.
  13. Adam Smith's language should be used as a guide. Government wages should be instituted and privileged guilds should be discontinued.
  14. It is important to extend political support to great numbers of people, however it is equally important to avoid a democracy.
  15. It is necessary to have a head of state in order to keep the country in line, however it should not resemble a monarchy.
  16. Representative democracy is the key to success rather than a direct democracy.

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