Are you conservative, liberal, or libertarian?

Which political bucket to you fit in? Not sure? Or, would you like to see if you really belong in the category you think you are in. Try out this quiz to find out for sure.

Not sure who to vote for? Not sure which part affiliation you should hold to. Try this quiz to find out for sure. This will help define your most important political views.

Created by: Michael

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  1. Free speech should be:
  2. Firearms should be:
  3. Federal government should:
  4. Abortion should be:
  5. Homosexuality should be:
  6. Gay marraige should be:
  7. Taxes should be:
  8. Government should be:
  9. Healthcare should be:
  10. The United States of America is:
  11. The role of government should be to:
  12. Illegal drugs are:
  13. Immigration should be:

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Quiz topic: Am I conservative, liberal, or libertarian?