Where are you on the political spectrum

Where are you on the political spectrum? Are you on the left, center or right. Or are you something not classifiable such as a libertarian or anarchist. Your true political ideology may be different than what you perceive it to be.

Your responses to issue, policy, attitude and pop culture related questions will determine if you are a lefty, liberal, moderate, conservative, wingnut or libertarian on the political spectrum. Please note the age and gender questions were required by gotoquiz.com

Created by: Roy Moskowitz of this site
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  1. You believe a balanced budget
  2. Taxes should be
  3. What are your attitudes about healthcare
  4. Welfare
  5. The homeless
  6. The government suddenly has a surplus. We should
  7. Which statement is closest to your attitude
  8. Which best describes your attitude towards higher education.
  9. The U.S. should fight wars
  10. Your attitude towards the Iraq War
  11. How should the United States deal with Iran?
  12. What should we do with suspected terrorists
  13. Your feelings on torture
  14. Warrantless surveillance
  15. Dick Cheney
  16. Israel
  17. Global Warming
  18. Your attitude towards offshore drilling
  19. Nuclear Weapons
  20. Tea partiers are
  21. The minimum wage
  22. Which best describes your opinion on Abortion
  23. What is your opinion about drug legalization.
  24. What is your opinion about Gay Marriage?
  25. Your opinion on gun control
  26. Your feelings on the death penalty
  27. Affirmative Action
  28. How do we fix Social Security?
  29. No one is accusing you of being the type of person who would believe in conspiracy theories. However, just for fun, pick the conspiracy theory you think is the most likely to be true
  30. Favorite dead economist or political philosopher (If you are not familiar with any of the below, please Google them).
  31. Favorite living economist or economic philosopher. If your are not familiar with any of their work please Google them.
  32. Favorite President (post 1932)
  33. Author
  34. TV Commentator
  35. Movie quotes
  36. Musical Performers
  37. School Prayer
  38. Sex education
  39. Should the drinking age be changed to 18.

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Quiz topic: Where am I on the political spectrum