Where do you fit on the political spectrum?

The political spectrum is confusing to people who don't really follow politics. Although many people question the validity of the concepts of 'left' and 'right', it is helpful at least to have a basic understanding of these terms.

This quiz will determine roughly where YOU fit on the political spectrum, in terms of left and right. It is aimed mostly for an Australian audience, but would probably suit Americans just as well. Enjoy!

Created by: Steve
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  1. What is the ultimate source of truth?
  2. The spreading of transnational business around the globe (ie.Globalisation) is:
  3. Rich people:
  4. Men and women are:
  5. Gay Marriage:
  6. Should marijuana be legalised?
  7. Poverty is caused by:
  8. Whaling:
  9. The government:
  10. Institutionalised religion, such as the church, is:

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Quiz topic: Where do I fit on the political spectrum?