Where do you stand on the political spectrum?

The political spectrum is used as a visualization of the different political stances. The centre is neutral, while the left side leans towards liberalism and socialism, and the right towards conservatism and capitalism. This quiz will give you a general idea where you stand on the political spectrum.

For each statement, decide whether you agree or disagree. If you have no opinion on the topic or so not understand it, choose "no opinion". It will not effect your left or right leaning, and instead put you in the middle of the spectrum.

Created by: Erin
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  1. Government environmental regulation controls should be relaxed.
  2. Many political parties cause confusion. Your country would be better if it only had two political parties.
  3. Consumer protection laws should be relaxed.
  4. The Lord's prayer and Bible readings should be allowed in public schools.
  5. Less government interference mean a better economy.
  6. There should not be laws restricting the ownership of handguns.
  7. Defence spending should be greatly increased.
  8. Public welfare recipients are generally lazy and don't want to work.
  9. People complain when protesters get hurt but they never appear to be concerned about what the protesters did to the police.
  10. In our high energy cost world, governments should encourage the development of nuclear power.

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Quiz topic: Where do I stand on the political spectrum?