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  • Very proud Far-left Social-libertarian.
    Power to the people!

    LeJacobin Jun 16 '18, 8:27PM
  • Whomever wrote this quiz needs to LOOK at what Liberals do! Not what they fantasize they are. Liberalism is a disease. my answers were far , far removed from the destruction of what Liberals do. and yet the results call me to likely be liberal???...

    Wh ere are you on the political spectrum

    Your Result: Liberal


    Your political and policy decisions are influenced by the principles of liberty, equality, peace and justice. You have an altruistic concern for your fellow men and women. You are likely to be a Democrat, but not all Democrats are liberals.

    Again , if you where the writer and you think you are a Liberal you are living in your own personal Fantasy.

    Vaders Jan 30 '16, 8:20PM
  • Okay, I'm sick of these stupid chainmail comments like the one above! You too? We can fight it! Just copy what I wrote below!

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    Boogerdam98 Jan 19 '16, 11:08PM
  • Huh... I thought the quiz was a bit too right wing for me...

    Simmo May 11 '15, 7:08AM
  • The author of this quiz is very obviously Liberal. The questions are leading and very pointed. When you resort to calling people names, you reveal your true self. While I do identify with Libertarian Conservatives and the outcome was that, but called me a "wingnut", I found this quiz to have some very hurtful and myopic Liberal language that would skew results and cater to a certain group.

    catroast Feb 25 '15, 2:56PM
  • Well, I guess I am a Conservative nutjob! The best quote that I read yesterday stated:

    "I'd rather be a conservative nutjob, than a Liberal with no nuts and no job"

    That just about sums it up!

    jyoverseas24 Feb 11 '15, 4:09AM
  • This quiz doesn't pass muster not impartial questions at all--very left leaning and leading questions.

    smcqb Feb 9 '15, 11:47PM
  • Some of the questions were 75% leftist only answers. And the rest were worded in such a way that if you chose anything but the most obvious one, you are a heartless, evil republican. Obviously written by a committed leftist; probably a public school teacher near a coast. And, yeah, I'm a libertarian, but I am a Republican Libertarian: a Conservative, Taxed Enough Already member.

    AndiGee Feb 9 '15, 9:53PM
  • Several questions need additional answers.

    3. Can only be accomplished by cutting spending. History proves that Congress will overspend any revenue increase.

    7. All of the above.

    8. Pay down the long term debt.

    14 Prosecute them with military tribunals and then hold them outside the country without torturing them.

    19. is real, but it is not a threat.

    38. New York Philharmonic

    mslyfield Feb 9 '15, 7:56PM
  • Maybe I do enjoy the suffering of many....as long as I have a beer in one hand and a gun in the other. God Bless America!

    mreyes8225 Feb 9 '15, 7:35PM
  • Obviously written by a liberal. Many of the questions couldn't even be answered by a conservative, because there were none that honestly represented the conservative view. The reader was compelled to pick a caricature or leave it blank.

    Guy Noir Feb 9 '15, 6:23PM
  • Written by a true leftist.

    Billp4899 Feb 9 '15, 5:22PM
  • Roy, you and your biased approach to guage the political spectrum of our Nation thorugh this quiz is pathetic. Your usless attempt to inform the rest of us what your political stance is disgusting. Pathetic on every level. You should have put a question in about what people think of you and this pathetic quiz.

    unrealquiz Feb 9 '15, 5:20PM
  • This is not educational or informative, only political. If you are trying to pitch a side by deception, it will mostly likely blow up in your face and if not damage you, it will damage the political process by miss informing the potential electorate. Representing yourself as an educational tool is typical of the failing education systems in this country.

    Searcher Feb 9 '15, 4:45PM
  • Proud to be a Wingnut-although the title doesn't fit me perfectly; the most valuble nut for simple bolts; the wingnuts on my bike wheels were the greatest. I have always believed that things that can be easily adjusted for proper tighness and removed for storage serve a great purpose. I had free time otherwise this would have been a waste.

    ritchiec67 Feb 9 '15, 3:46PM
  • It wasn't even worth finishing this dribble. The author of this quiz is one seriously screwed up individual, and needs a serious ass kicking. I'm damn proud to be a conservative and see liberals as the leeches and parasites of society. Define the difference between being liberal with things and be conservative with things. Being liberal means giving away freely with no consequences, screw the people that it hurts, therefore destroying society. Conservative, from the word conserve, means to save, to save our country from idiots that constantly apologize to other countries and allow people that shouldn't be here to end up staying. I love the USA said no liberal ever.

    ImRightUrWrong Feb 9 '15, 11:22AM
  • This is incredibly biased. There is absolutely to be labeled as a "wingnut." I'm am conservative and traditional, not an uneducated, closed-minded bigot like so many people that only get their news from Comedy Central or twitter.

    commonsense Aug 30 '14, 9:56PM
  • On the one about gun control the right to an automatic weapon seems funny but it is unconstitutional to say that an American citizen can't have an automatic weapon the second ammendment says shall not be infringed not maybe be infringed sometimes and you are obviously a liberal idiot calling me a wingnut and that write up uncalled for

    Hardi23 Jan 17 '14, 11:47PM
  • Am I the only one here who practically fell over leaning so far left? I don't know if I'm quite THAT liberal.

    2Etay Sep 27 '13, 3:05AM
  • This was so biased- I scored wingnut, while it is true that I am extremely conservative, there was no need for the negative write-up and label.

    SurvivorFan Jul 25 '13, 12:34AM
  • The guy who made this has the writing skill of a small child.

    Norman Bates Jun 25 '13, 12:52AM
  • Conservative: You favor balanced budgets, as long as they are achieved without raising taxes. You believe government should rarely interfere with the economy, but are likely to advocate government interference with people's personal lives, with the possible exception of gun ownership. You prefer the suffering of many to one person gaming the system.

    Yes, "conservative" is more or less my political label. But I have a few problems with the description.

    1. "You believe government should rarely interfere with the economy, but are likely to advocate government interference with people's personal lives". Conservativism is not about the government ram-rodding their values on to the people. It is, as you said, about limiting government interference in people's economic activities. But by and large, we also would like the government to stay out of our personal business, and we tend to view our economic and personal interests as one in the same.

    2. "You prefer the suffering of many to one person gaming the system." Oh, brother, give me a break! Welfare actually contributes to the suffering of many because it creates a culture of dependency and poverty, devalues work, and causes the breakdown of the traditional family unit. Do you really want to try and tell me that supporting the government's redistribution of my tax dollars makes me compassionate? To hell with compassion. I reserve it for those who help themselves instead of begging for a handout.

    Blue Sunday Jun 7 '13, 9:39PM

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