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  • "Ted Cruz is the spawn of Satan and a dog. But he still better than Trump."
  • "Stalking people is bad. Feeling lonely is perfectly fine though."
  • "To even be alive is something worth celebrating. Don't ask what the point of living is, living is the point itself."
  • "Only a doctor can really tell you if you need to take drugs. But I will say that if you are feeling deeply depressed, don't be at all resist..."
  • "My personal opinion is that Trump shouldn't have been qualified in the first place due to his complete and utter lack of serving in public o..."
  • Paris Attacks
    "For all intents and purposes, my declaration of leaving the forums still stands. I do occasionally come back as an observer, and I felt it w..."
  • goodbye
    "After six years of activity in the forums, I've decided that I will be stepping away for good. I thought that the Wine Cellar would be the b..."
  • Feminism.
    "Whatever dude, you're entitled to your opinion and I don't have any aspirations of changing it, cuz quite frankly it's easy to mock idiots l..."
  • Feminism.
    "Wow, you're an arrogant little prick. The idea that feminism is inherently nonsensical is itself a pretty stupid idea. I've tried arguing th..."
  • Feminism.
    "Yes, the idea that women are equal to men is inherently nonsensical. Them b----es shoulda just stayed in the kitchen making babies, am I rig..."
  • Poltics
    "I'm probably the one person on the face of the planet who would like a third Obama term. As to why, have you seen everyone else who is runni..."
  • #satanrules
    "But I like Satan..."
  • "When has religion ever discouraged racism or sexism (or homophobia, as long as we're on the subject of oppression)? The Bible was used by Am..."
  • "I think humanity would be a lot advanced without the influence of religion. Religion does nothing but suppress knowledge and limit individua..."
  • "f--- that guy and f--- his hair."

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