Which political party are you?

This test is not 100% accurate to your party affiliation. This simply means that you fall on the side that this party is on, whether Democrat or Republican.

With that in mind, you scoring as a Democrat doesn't make you a Democrat officially. You could be a Communist, or Socialist as well. And scoring a Republican could really mean a Fascist, or Authoritarian.

Created by: The Godfather
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  1. Who have you voted for this past election?
  2. Health care should only be an option for those who can afford it, or want it.
  3. Social welfare should only be an option for those that are genuinely disadvantaged.
  4. Marijuana should be legalized for both medical and non-medical means.
  5. Abortion should only be an option in cases of harm to the mother, or severe illness to the baby.
  6. Gay marriage and rights should be passed.
  7. The wealthy should be taxed to benefit the lower class.
  8. Militant action works better than diplomacy.
  9. Gun ownership should be kept.
  10. My race displays superior qualities as compared to other races.
  11. Immigrants should have to learn English when they immigrate to our country.
  12. Capital punishment should be the option for crimes such as murder, molestation, and rape.
  13. Our legal system needs stricter punishments given for crimes.
  14. The means of the Patriot Act should only be of concern to those that are doing something illegal.

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Quiz topic: Which political party am I?