Are you a party animal??

There are many people that like to have a goodtime but only few are TRUE party animals! True party animals are the first to arrive and last to leave, they are dancing on the tables and have tons of friends.

Are YOU a party animal? Does the party start when you arrive or when you leave? Find out if you are a party animal or just a wallflower with this simple quiz!

Created by: Renee

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  1. How often do you go out?
  2. Have you ever thrown a party at your house while your parents were out of town?
  3. How much do you drink at partys?
  4. The cops bust a party, what do you do?
  5. How many people do you know because of partys?
  6. How late have you stayed up drinking?
  7. Your the first too...
  8. The party starts when you....
  9. Have you ever been alone and bored so just gotten drunk by yourself?
  10. Someone passes you a joint, you...?
  11. What is the legal drinking age?

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Quiz topic: Am I a party animal??