Are you REALLY a Bloc fan?

There are the casual fans, there are the real fans, and there are the hardcore fans. It can be hard to sort them all out by just looking at the crowd at a Bloc Party show.

Now it's time to answer the Big Question: what separates the Bloc Party Fans from the Bloc Party Freaks? How can you tell whether someone's only discovered the Bloc yesterday, or two years ago? Are you ready to get sorted?

Created by: Darcy

  1. So, how long have you known the Bloc?
  2. How many Bloc Party records do you own (albums, singles)?
  3. How many Bloc Party shows have you attended?
  4. How many of those shows did you attend in the past six months?
  5. Who is Bloc Party's drummer?
  6. Which of these artists is one of Kele's favourites (meaning, he's said somewhere that he is a fan of their music)?
  7. Where is Russell from?
  8. How old is Gordy?
  9. Which of these songs is your favourite?
  10. In what year was Silent Alarm released?
  11. In what year was A Weekend in the City released?
  12. How many versions of the 'Banquet' video are there?
  13. Like drinking poison...
  14. All the marshals are...
  15. Stop being so...
  16. How long have Kele, Matt, Gordon, and Russell been a band under the name 'Bloc Party'?
  17. Who has the most blog entries to date at
  18. What is the name of Bloc Party's US Tour Documentary DVD called?

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY a Bloc fan?