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In the past few years/months, the Arashi fanbase has been steadily growing. From the few overseas fans the band has garnered since they debuted in 1999, the fanbase in Asia and all over the world has grown to unexpected numbers. What with Arashi's (recurring!) Asia tour and Sho's Yatterman promotion in the US, it can be safe to say that Arashi isn't going anywhere, and neither are its fans!

I don't believe that the amount of time you've spent in a fandom is necessarily mirrored in how obsessed you are about it. After all, there are some fans who give it their all even when they're just starting out. This quiz was made to measure just how obsessed you are with the Japanese boy band, Arashi. It in no way aims to imply that there are "lesser" fans or "true" fans. It just measures how obsessed you are. Necessarily, there will be questions about Arashi's history, real-life application, general behavior, and internet application of the obsession. The test is 45 items, so it might take a while, but rest assured, the results are (okay, sort of) reliable :)

Created by: Flipper

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  1. Okay, let's start! So, basic questions first. Do you know who/what Arashi is?
  2. Can you give the FULL NAMES (first and last) of the 5 members?
  3. Have you watched any dramas where any of the members play the lead role?
  4. Do you know the exact birth date (with year!) of each member?
  5. Do you memorize any Arashi songs? And by memorize, we're talking about exact words, not made up Japanese-sounding words.
  6. Do you watch Arashi variety shows?
  7. Do you own any (original, not reproduced) merchandise? (Magazines don't count.)
  8. Have you named anything (living or not) after an Arashi member?
  9. Choose which apply to you: 1. I have played games online in hopes of playing with Nino. 2. I have gotten into Arts and drawing because I was inspired by Ohno. 3. I continued studying because of Sho. 4. I have been considering an occupation with relation to animals because of Aiba. 5. I buy lots of jewelry/designed clothes because of Matsujun. 6. I have begun singing/dancing/wearing sparkly clothes because of Arashi.
  10. Do you know the furi (dance steps) to any of the Arashi songs?
  11. Have you ever gone to Japan for the sole/main purpose of watching an Arashi concert?
  12. Have you ever dreamt about Arashi?
  13. Have you ever tried to get your friends into Arashi?
  14. In all honesty and seriousness: do you believe Arashi has changed your life?
  15. Last question regarding real-life application of obsession: Have you ever forced Arashi into a school/work-related project (quoted lyrics, danced to a song, etc.)?
  16. Alright! Knowledge measurement time. Let's start it easy. Who is Arashi's leader?
  17. I say Chesuto, you say...?
  18. And that "Chesuto" thing started in...?
  19. What did the Arashi members do when they found out Nino was going to leave for a month or two for the shooting of Letters from Iwo Jima?
  20. Which was the very first Arashi song to win Best Drama Theme in the Television Drama Academy Awards?
  21. For what drama?
  22. Which member was "featured" in Mago Mago Arashi the most?
  23. Which member was described as a "genius" by two of the other four members of Arashi?
  24. Which member mocked the solos of the other members in his solo concert?
  25. Last for the knowledge questions: which member was made to attempt to break a world record?
  26. Okay, now: internet-related questions. Do you have a LiveJournal or Vox account?
  27. Are you a member of any Arashi-related comms?
  28. Are you a member of...
  29. Were you a member of forgyoza before they closed membership applications?
  30. Were you a member of taijiproject before it had to become taijiprojectsub?
  31. Do you get scans from any LJ com?
  32. Is your website layout Arashi-themed?
  33. Do you watch raw videos (videos without subs)?
  34. Are more than 60% of your LJ icons Arashi-related?
  35. Okay, last part! General behavior. But only because this quiz-maker can't think of anything else to ask. Have people suggested (seriously or jokingly) you seek help for your Arashi obsession?
  36. Whenever you eat something particularly good, do you randomly burst into, "CHOU UMAI!" or "MAXIMUM UMAI!" or "MECCHA KUCCHA UMAI YOOO!" or any variations thereof?
  37. When you have chicken for any meal of the day, do you ask your companions if they "like bird"?
  38. Have you ever wanted to recreate the Rolling Coin Tower/Pipe Catch/any other game in VSA just to see if you can excel at it?
  39. Do you habitually read fanfiction?
  40. Do you habitually read magazine interview translations?
  41. "Don't touch me!"
  42. How many variety shows does Arashi currently have?
  43. AND LAST QUESTION: What big event is happening this year to Arashi?

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