Are you Chobits obsessed?

Have you ever heard of Chobits the anime? About Persocons and Chobits and Chi and Hiteki and lil Sumomo and Kotoko? You know the one with Minoru and Chitose, plus Yuzuki? The one with all of them? And Shinbo and Takako? Do you like it? Are you a true fan?..

WELL if you think you are, take this quiz! Test your Chobits knowledge in a few clicks! You could only think that you were a fan, but now you can have proof to your friends! In a few minutes, your true obsession will be calculated..

Created by: C.M.
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  1. What is Persocom?
  2. What was Chi's original name?
  3. Who falls in love with Mrs.Shimizu?
  4. Why does Yumi run away from Ueda everytime he shows up?
  5. Kotoko is programmed to...
  6. Are Zima and Dita in love?
  7. Who is Chi's "The One For Me"?
  8. Who wrote the books about "A City With No People" In the series?
  9. Who is Chi/Elda's sister?
  10. How many episodes of Chobits aired?

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Quiz topic: Am I Chobits obsessed?