Are You Obsessed With A Guy/Girl??

There are many stalkers in the world, obsessive people who have crushes who are like a lifeline. What is an obsessed person? Are you one of them? See the world through the eyes of that which you seek more than food, water, air and life.

Are you a stalker/obsessed crusher? Do you have the qualities of this creepy person everyone has? Do you want to know or is the truth too scary to face??

Created by: Cassie
  1. When you wake up in the morning you think about:
  2. If you don't see that special someone when you get to work/school you think:
  3. You see your crush at lunch... With someone ELSE!! You:
  4. Your main goal in life, as of right now, is to:
  5. You dress to:
  6. Scenario: You are at the mall, when you see your crush! She/he walks up towards the shop your shopping in, but sees the clothes and looks disgusted. Your reaction is to:
  7. Queens are to royal as your crush is to___
  8. True OR False: You would answer YES, if someone asked you if you LOVE your crush.
  9. The question you would answer no to is:
  10. Your obsession is:

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Quiz topic: Am I Obsessed With A Guy/Girl??