are you obsessed with billie joe armstrong?

I made this quiz because obviously i am obsessed with billie joe and it would be a fun thing to do when you are a billie joe fan. This is really fun quiz and this is ALL about billie joe, from green day.

Are YOU obsessed with Billie Joe? Find out now, while you do this quiz you will find out whether you are obsessed or not. this is only going to take a couple of minutes. PLEASE DON'T CHEAT!!!!

Created by: Nourhan
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  1. when did he record his FIRST single?
  2. ok, an easy one, when was he born?
  3. what kind of shoes was he wearing in the blvrd of brkn drms video?
  4. who is he married to and when were they married?
  5. what does he prefer, a cat or a dog?
  6. which parent died and how did the parent die?
  7. how tall is he?
  8. what was 2,000 lightyears away about?
  9. this is not about how obsessed you are with Billie Joe, but what the hell, what's your favorite color?
  10. which band is he in that is currently (2008) touring?

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Quiz topic: Am I obsessed with billie joe armstrong?