The Neil Armstrong Quiz

There are alot of smart people out there, but only a few geniuses. If you can qualify in this Neil Armstrong test, and get the true title of being a genius, you are a legend.

Are you capable of being a genius? can you be the first to score 100%? Just sitting there staring at the screen won't prove anything. Take the test and you'll find out.

Created by: Room 1

  1. When was Neil Armstrong Born?
  2. Which Apollo mission did Neil Armstrong first land on the moon?
  3. What is the name of the first man in space?
  4. What was Neil Armstrongs first words when we landed on the moon?
  5. Who accompanied Neil Armstrong on his moon mission?
  6. In what state was Neil Armstrong born?
  7. In what state was Neil Armstrong born?
  8. How old was Neil Armstrong when he took his first airplane ride?
  9. Where did Neil Armstrong attend college?
  10. Neil Armstrong's first space flight was aboard:

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