The Americas Test

You may be smart, a lot of people are in this world. But the real question is... How many people in this world are geniuses when it comes to studying the history of the Americas? Interesting question right? This quiz is especially useful if you are learning this topic in a social studies class.

Well, what do you think, Are YOU smarter than average? Maybe if you take this quiz on "The Americas" you can test those brain cells and see if you truly are a true genius.

Created by: Bob
  1. What did the Plains Indians use buffalo for?
  2. What group was known as the Pueblo Indians?
  3. What was the largest city of the Mississippian Indians?
  4. Why was the Incan army so powerful?
  5. Describe the organization of the Incan Empire.
  6. Which explains how labor in the Incan Empire was organized?
  7. What is the oldest major city in the Americas?
  8. How was the Grand Council was created, how it operated and who created it.
  9. Where did the Pueblo Indians live? What were their 2 largest cities?
  10. What is the oldest Mesoamerican civilization?
  11. How did the Inca manage to be so successful without a writing system?
  12. Which is the language the Incan taught all their subjects?
  13. Where did the Aztec build their capital, and why?
  14. How many books of the Maya survived the Spanish conquest?
  15. What city holds the Incan's most remarkable architecture?
  16. What was the center of the Mayan city?
  17. Describe the Mayan Calendars.
  18. What does Inca mean?
  19. Which of these describes the role of women in Inca society?
  20. Whose capital was located in Chichen Itza?
  21. What was the capital of the Incan Empire?
  22. Which group of Native Americans lived in the frozen tundra of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland?
  23. Which describes the Agricultural technique used by the Maya.
  24. Which describes the Agricultural technique used by the Aztec.
  25. Which describes the Agricultural technique used by the Inca.

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