First city in the world

This is a quiz to accompany the online tutor's guide to "the earliest ancient city of the Americas" and Peru's ancient cultures. Google (academia wikia caral) for more information.

However the quiz itself is designed to stand alone and develop an understanding of the key concepts: particularly the transition from simple (sometimes called primitive)societies to more complex and partly urbanised cultures.

Created by: Paul
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  1. Which of the present-day countries listed below had the earliest complex society?
  2. Which of the following does a complex society possess which a simple (or "primitive" society) does not:
  3. What is South America's earliest known complex society?
  4. Where is Caral?
  5. Early complex societies in Peru probably had:
  6. Caral has the same age approximatley as:
  7. How many years after the date of Caral did a simple "writing system", capable of recording economic output and of communicating basic facts over thousands of miles, evolve?
  8. What is a truncated pyramid?
  9. The complex design of Caral demonstrates:
  10. Having the world's oldest city on your national map means that your country may enjoy or suffer:

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