Which Twlight Guy is for you?

Who is your perfect twiguy? do you like mysterious jasper hale, strong, lovable emmett cullen, best friend jacob black, or the one and only edward? Take this quiz and find out.

Who is your perfect twiguy? I am babbling again just to get 150 words because i'm watching americas next top model and i need to pay attention to it ,,,

Created by: Lilli
  1. The boy you like has just asked you out! What would be the perfect thing for him to say?
  2. How would you want your guy to act around you?
  3. How about his personality?
  4. So, how does he kiss you?
  5. You are driving somewhere, when your man insists that you take a shortcut through the woods at night. The car brakes down in the middle of a mud patch, and you will be forced to spend the night there. What happens next?
  6. He tells you he loves you for the first time, how does he say it?
  7. Where would you go on holiday?
  8. Marriage?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. Wheres your favourite place to go?

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