Twilight Love part 1

This is my first quiz like this so comment & let me know how I did. This is a Twlight LOve story so if you didn't read the Twilight series or see the movie you might be confused.

Ok You & your best friend are at the mall shopping. Its after 8pm & you guys are hanging out before she leaves for the summer. Have fun I hope you enjoy the quiz

Created by: Tiffany
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  1. Read the paragraphs first. You & your best friend just walked into Hot Topic. What do you buy?
  2. Your friend goes to look at shoes but will meet up with you in the food court. On your way you see 4 guys looking at you. Who catches your eye?
  3. They all start walking over to you. The one with the intense eyes introduces you all. Who are you looking at?
  4. Whoever you picked looks at you & ask you to come with them. You tell them no cause of your friend who is just now coming. They all leave. What are you thinking
  5. Your friend comes over & you guys start to eat. After you eat you drive her home then head toward your house. When you get there you go to the to the living room where you see a note from your parents. What are you thinking now
  6. It says: Dear_____ We went to visit your grandfather Be back in a month Love mom & dad. You wonder why they left. Why do you think they left
  7. You head up towards your room. When there is a knock on the door. Who do you want it to be
  8. You head towards the door when it fals down with you under it. Then you feel someone pick you up & lay you on the couch. Who do you want it to be
  9. Well thats it For this one comment & rate
  10. Later

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