Twilight, Eclipse, & New Moon Test

Do you love Twilight? Do you love New Moon? And how about Eclipse? Do you think you're a pro at all things vampires? Maybe...? Hehh.. But then again, maybe not..

But now you can find out! Take this quiz, and see if you really ARE as pro at Twilight as you claim to say you are... Are you too scared? Let's start the quiz already!!

Created by: Random

  1. What do the Cullens consider themselves to be?
  2. Which of these statements isn't true?
  3. Before seeing Edward's eyes, what gemstone would Bella have said her favorite was?
  4. What special power does Jasper have?
  5. Who was the first to join Carlisle's family?
  6. Who changed Jasper?
  7. Who gave Bella her scar?
  8. Who does Edward pretend to be when he calls to see if Bella is still alive?
  9. Edward gets Alice her car in exchange for...
  10. Where does James lead Bella, and how?
  11. The first time Edward talks to Bella, what does he know that startles Bella?
  12. What drinks do Bella and Edward order at Bella Italia when they first go?

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