What do you know about twilight?

There are many people think they are a twiligh big fans. But, is that real? Who knows! Twiligh saga from stephenie meyer is very good books! I'm one of twilight big fans. Twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn. They are too awesome.

Now,,,are you a twilight fan? How much do you know about twilight? That's why i make this quiz. To test your brain aboup twilight! Are you ready to know who are you? A twilight fans or nobody? Take my quiz. You gonna really know!

Created by: Wie.cullen

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  1. Where does Bella live before went to forks?
  2. What is Bella's car?
  3. Where does Bella and Edward meet?
  4. Who is jealous with bella?
  5. Who is bella's best friend when she a child?
  6. What is edward's car?
  7. What is Edward true names before be a member of cullens?
  8. What is Carlisle true name?
  9. When does Bella meet with James?
  10. What story does jacob tell to bella?
  11. Where does jacob live?
  12. Where does the cullens live?
  13. What is the place that james tell to Bella to meet him?
  14. When bella is in phoenix, with who does she is?
  15. What is Jasper ability?
  16. What is alice ability?
  17. What is edward ability?
  18. When does Edward born?
  19. When goes prom, what color of Bella's dress?
  20. Who killed james?
  21. Who is James' friends?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about twilight?