Twilight,Do You Really Know It All?

Do you think you're a true Twilight Know-It-All? With this quiz you can make it official. Not only will you refresh your memory with the book, but some of this is even about the movie...Be sure to check out other Twilight Quizzes, they're all great!

Twilighters' Stay tuned for a great quiz. You will find out how much you do exactly know about Twilight. This Quiz includes the Movie/the Book! Great for everyone! If you can read,hear, or seen, you should definitely take this Twilight Quiz! Show You're friends' how much of a Twilight Know-It-All you are!

Created by: LaToya
  1. What Year And State Was Edward Cullen Born In?
  2. Who Was Described As A ' Teddy Bear ' , Of The Cullen Boys', And Why?
  3. What Did Emmett Say To Rosalie While They Were Preparing Dinner For Bella To Come Over...
  4. What Were The Names Of The Three Vampires' That Interrupted The Ball Game?
  5. What Town Did Edward Cullen Appear In To Save Isabella Swan From A Group Of Stalking Men?
  6. What Was The First Boy Isabella Swan Met When She Started Attending, The Great Town Of Forks, School...
  7. Who Was Considered Always Looking ' In Pain ' ?
  8. What Profession Is Carlisle?
  9. Who Was The Tracker From The Three Vampires' That Interrupted The Ball Game?
  10. Who Went To Phoenix With Bella?
  11. Where Was It That James Was Killed, And Led Bella To?
  12. What Was The Excuse For Bella's Trip To The Emergency Room?
  13. At The End, What Color Of Dress Does Bella Wear To The Dance?
  14. Last Question, What Does Edward Say Before Leading Bella Away From Jacob And Into The Prom?

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