Do you no your twilight

Thanks for taking my quiz. and i hope that you know more about twilight now. so now what i want to do is go home and read the twilight series. but make sure to start with twilight and end with breaking dawn. dont skip around. And have fun. I hope you like it. i gtg by

these questios where the very basic of all questions and if you didnt know these you need to reread. You really need to pay attention when your reading. I hoped you liked my quizz and i also hope you liked it. I only have one thing left to say. DO YOU NO YOUR TWILIGHT.

Created by: Becca
  1. How many people are there in the cullen family including the hales?
  2. What are the books in order?
  3. In what book did Edward leave Bella?
  4. How many months was is untill Alice came and got Bella to go get Edward?
  5. What kind of car dose Edward drive?
  6. Ok now for the medium questions. Where was Carslie Born?
  7. What war did Jasper fight in?
  8. Finish this sentance. "Your _____ than the others, but not _____"
  9. Why do Jasper and Roslie have a differnt last name than the rest of the Cullens?
  10. Where did Edward and Bella go on Vacation?
  11. Now for the hard questions! When the White room was full of feathers what room did Edward and Bella stay in?
  12. What color is Edwards favorite outfit on Bella on the honeymoon?
  13. What time did Bella have to beat to save Edward?
  14. Where did Edward plung the suringe filled with his venom into Bella
  15. What is Bella's special power?

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Quiz topic: Do I no my twilight