All about Twilight

The Twilight quiz is basicly all about Twilight. Youll see questions like "Who are the Twilight couples" So try to do your best and see what you got Have fun

Can you get all the questions right? Do you know everything about Twiligth?? Well lets see. I hope you get some good scores . Lets see if your a Twilight genius

Created by: Inna

  1. How many books are in the Twilight saga?
  2. Whos the author of the Twilight saga?
  3. Which of the books has been made into a movie?
  4. Is Taylor Laurant going to play Jacob in New Moon?
  5. Whos going to play Jacob in New Moon
  6. Is Eclipse being made into a movie?
  7. Is Jacob in love with Bella?
  8. Will Bella become a vampire?
  9. Who are the Twilight couples?
  10. Is Robbert Pattinso single?

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