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Twilight is a very good book series in my own opinion, but I found that I became and addict for it and learned almost everything possible about twilight. To do good you need to pay close attention to what the question is asking. I had been wanting to make a quiz for a long time and now I finally made a quiz on a subject that I know a lot about.

Are you up to one of the tougher quizzes on twilight? Do you know the knowledge required of a fan of twilight or are you just taking a quiz cause you are bored, I have done that so don't worry if you are.

Created by: Lianna
  1. What year was Edward born?
  2. What is Edward's middle name?
  3. What year was Bella born?
  4. About how many things was Bella absolutely positive about Edward?
  5. What is Garret's ability?
  6. Who did Alice leave the clues for?
  7. What month was Edward born?(Not transformation)
  8. What was Bella's birth date?
  9. What is Kate's ability?
  10. Who is Renesmee?
  11. What was one thing that was different in the movie than the book?
  12. Who found Bella in the forest after Edward left in New Moon?
  13. Where is Isle Esme located?
  14. Which are the lethal half vampires?
  15. True or False: Bella beat Emmet in an arm wrestling match?
  16. What was the date that Edward and Bella first meet?
  17. Who is the author of twilight?
  18. Why did Bella do dangerous things in New Moon?
  19. Why did Bella not want to meet Edward's family?
  20. What did Edward break after the vote?
  21. What is Edward's special occasions car?
  22. What color were Edward's eyes before he was transformed?
  23. What are Renesmee's color eyes?

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