Do You know the Twilight Saga?

Think you know all there is to know about the Twilight Saga? I doubt it! Try out this quiz to find out! (By the way, if you haven't read the books, you're going to fail this quiz!

Questions 1-5: Twilight Reference Questions 6-10: New Moon Reference Questions 11-15: Eclipse Reference Questions 15-20: Breaking Dawn Reference Hope you enjoy my quiz! Good Luck!

Created by: Maddie

  1. Questions 1-5: Twilight What state did Bella moves to Forks, Washington FROM?
  2. Who greets Bella first on her first day to Forks High School?
  3. What is Bella's middle name?
  4. Which of the following features fit Bella?
  5. Which of the following Vampires in the Cullen Clan was transformed after Esme Cullen?
  6. Questions 6-10: New Moon When is Bella Swan's Birthday?
  7. Which months did Bella spend 'seperated from the world'?
  8. What type of movie did Bella and Jessica see together?
  9. On the day she finds out about werewolves, who attacks Bella?
  10. Who tries to attack Jane while in Volterra?
  11. Questions 11-15: Eclipse When Edward comes to Bella's house at the beginning of the book, what does he bring?
  12. Why does Edward insist on taking Bella to see her mother in Florida
  13. Where does Bella work?
  14. What is Jasper's first piece of advice for fighting newborn vampires?
  15. What does Bella refer to as 'very unpleasant and possibly even highly dangerous?
  16. Questions 16-20: Breaking Dawn Where do Bella and Edward spend their Honeymoon?
  17. When Bella's parents gave her a hair-clip at her wedding, what stones were used to replace the paste stones?
  18. How does Bella persuade Edward into making love after he had hurt her the first time?
  19. Who separates from the La Push pack after Jacob?
  20. Who 'helps' Bella strengthen her ability as a vampire by causing Edward physical pain?

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