How Well Do You Know Breaking Dawn? (Twilight Saga)

There are many people in the world whose probably read Stephanie Meyer's #1 New York Times Bestselling Series "The Twilight Saga", this quiz proves who actually read them, to the very end!!!

Have YOU read the Twilight Saga? Did YOU read them all the way to end, to " The Twilight Saa: Breaking Dawn"? If so, you should have no trouble with this quiz!!!

Created by: Mia Weekley

  1. Who's point of view is book one from? (meaning who is telling the story)
  2. Why was Bella self conscience at the beginning of the book?
  3. What did the man at the gas station ask Bella for?
  4. Why was Charlie upset with Billy?
  5. Why did Charlie start laughing after Edward and Bella told him they were getting married?
  6. Who came to get Edward when he was at Bella's?
  7. What happened to the Denali sister's mother?
  8. What was Bella's big wedding surprise?
  9. Where did Edward take Bella for their honeymoon?
  10. What happened the morning after their honeymoon?
  11. Who did Bella call, when she found out Edward was planning to kill their baby?
  12. Who's point of view is book two from?
  13. Which one of Jacob's sisters came home to visit?
  14. Who did Jacob's sister get imprinted by?
  15. Who did Jacob meet on the beach?
  16. Why did Sam call a meeting?
  17. What did Edward ask Jacob to do?
  18. Who's point of view is book three from?
  19. What is Bella now?
  20. What color is Bella's new eyes?
  21. What is the name of Edward's and Bella's baby?
  22. What's wrong with Renesmee?

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