How well do you know Breaking Dawn

This quiz is about how much you know about the amazing story called,"Breaking Dawn." This is the final book of the Twilight Saga, and probably the best.

This test will test you on how much you understood and enjoyed the book. It's only for fun, so no violent actions if you fail. If you have never before read the books, and you just want to take it for fun it's okay, but as you should know, it's a really good book, and you should read it for enjoyment!

Created by: Uyen Dang

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  1. What was Bella's before car from Edward?
  2. Where did Edward take Bella on the honeymoon?
  3. What did Edward destroy the second time Bella and Edward made love?
  4. What food did Edward make the most for Bella on their honeymoon?
  5. Who joined Jacobs newly formed pack after Jacob cut off from Sam?
  6. What did Bella want to name the fetus if it was a boy?
  7. What did Rosalie carve on Jacobs bowl that she made for him?
  8. Where did Edward inject the venom into Bella first?
  9. What did Jacob say that held him and Renesmee in place?
  10. What was Edwards words to the first hug Bella gave him when she was a newborn?
  11. What was Renesmee's nickname named after?
  12. What kinds of fabrics do Bella try to avoid?
  13. Who is Garret attracted to?
  14. What is Benjamin's extra ability?
  15. Who does Bella go see for Alices clue?
  16. What did Bella do at the end of the story that surprised Edward?

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