Breaking Dawn Quiz

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the Twilight Saga. I would recommend you read the first three to understand Breaking Dawn. This quiz goes through some of the main events in the book.

Are you a true twilight fan? Do you have the devotion and love for the saga to get 100% on this quiz? You can soon find out, thanks to this great quiz.

Created by: Elaina

  1. Who is Bella's bestfriend?
  2. What was the agreement between Bella and Edward that had to happen before Bella was turned into a vampire?
  3. Who did Bella's engagement ring first belong to?
  4. Where did they go for their honeymoon?
  5. What happens to Bella on the honeymoon?
  6. What did Edward tell Jacob to do to him if Bella were to die from the baby?
  7. Why does Bella name the baby Renesmee?
  8. Who does Bella hurt when she was turned into a newborn vampire?
  9. Who won the arm wrestling contest?
  10. Who is after Renesmee?
  11. What is Bella's gift?
  12. In the end is Renesmee killed by the Volturi?

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