how well do u know the twilight saga?

Do you know the twilight books well if you do than take this awesome quiz its basically about the covens so if you know them very well than take this quiz.

Do you know breaking dawn like i do well if you do then take this ultimate quiz. Do you know the covens really well then this is the quiz to take !!!!

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. Name the 3 women from the amazon coven?
  2. What r the names of the names of everyone in the Denali coven?
  3. Which 2 vampires were in the Volturi cove for a years
  4. What was the nick name for renesmee?
  5. Which are the members of Jacob pack
  6. Which are the 10 are all the werewolfs
  7. Who did Jacob imprint on
  8. What is the name of the parents of Edward Masen
  9. Which 3 r the ones from the volturi coven
  10. Who talent is related to bella's

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