Do You Really Know Twilight?

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There are many people out there that like the Twilight Saga but it is the true self proclaimed Twi-Hards that keep the series alive. Do you know enough to be considered one?

Are you enough of a Twi-Hard to be considered as part of a team...I myself am Team Edward and you should be too. Take this take to find out if you know enough about The Twilight Saga!

Created by: Cool
  1. Easy, who are the two main characters?
  2. What is the mascot of the High School Bella entered in Washington?
  3. In Breaking Dawn, what is the name of Aro's shield?
  4. Jacob, Bella's best friend and Werewolf, has two sisters. What are their names?
  5. In New Moon, Laurent describes Bella as what:
  6. In Breaking Dawn, what does Seth & Bella talk about behind The Pack's back?
  7. Throughout the series, which female from the Denali Clan has an interest in Edward?
  8. What is Reneesmee's eye color?
  9. What does Bella describe Jacob as in New Moon & Eclipse?
  10. At the end of Breaking Dawn, what does Bella do that surprises Edward?
  11. Does Edward & Bella have a happily ever after

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