How well do you know twilight?

You might have seen the movie twilight ,but do you really know all about it? Well, if you want to find out if you got the smarts then take this quiz with me and we will find out together.

Do YOU know all about twilight? Do you have the knowledge of one of the characters. Until today you will find out if you are a genius at the awesome saga twilight!

Created by: devan
  1. What is bella's last name
  2. Who is one of bella's friends?
  3. What is edward's mom name?
  4. how many cullens are there? (not including bella.)
  5. What is jasper's power.
  6. What group is in charge of all vampires?
  7. Why can't Edward read bella's mind?
  8. Do esward and bella have a boy or girl child?
  9. Does Jacob come to bella's wedding?
  10. Which of these people are not a cullen.
  11. Which is the best emote?(This has nothing to do about twilight so good luck.)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know twilight?