Are you a twilight freak?

A lot of people these days like twilight. We want to know or you would like to know how much you know about twilight and how much you like it. This quiz will determine if you enjoy twilight or just hate it?

But are you are twilight freak? Do you love it and do want to understand twilight as much as you can? Then take this Quiz to find out if you got what it takes to be a twilight freak!

Created by: Skye

  1. Does bella see Edward when she first walks through the gate to Forks high school?
  2. What colour are Edwards eyes when Bella walks into the biology classroom?
  3. Does Jessica like Bella at all?
  4. Does Jasper try to kill Bella in New Moon?
  5. Have you read all the books?
  6. How many times have you read them?
  7. What book does bella and Jacob express their relationship?
  8. Who do you prefer?
  9. Does Rosalie like Bella in Breaking Dawn?
  10. Who does Angela ask to prom.

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Quiz topic: Am I a twilight freak?