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You all the Twilight by Stephenie Meyer,ha?The high school love story with the most beautiful and good and outstanding vampires of Forks!If you really, truly like the Twilight go ahead!

Now lets see what do you know about Bella and Edward and all the Cullens...It will take you, if not five, ten seconds to see if you are a Twilight genious!!!Good luck!!

Created by: BellyChelly

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  1. Which are the four Twilight books?
  2. Where did Bella moved?
  3. How many are the Cullens?
  4. Why did Edward turned into a vampire?
  5. Why Rosalie hated Bella?
  6. Who says 'be safe'?
  7. Why did Bella went to the hospital at the end?
  8. Which is Bellas most readed book?
  9. What color was Bellas dress at prom?
  10. How did Bella called Forks?
  11. Where do the Volturi live?

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