What Twilight Creature Are You?

There are many different claims about mortality and immortality. What does it take to be a immortal? In Twilight there are these types of immortals; vampires and werewolves. Then there is the ever so common mortal. The Twilight Saga has provided me with theses questions now you can see who you are like

What are you? if immortals did exist would you be one? What type of immortal or just a plain mortal. Until now you can only wonder; what would i be in Twilight? Take this quiz and soon you will see your Twilight Destiny!!

Created by: quindalin
  1. What do you do when you see your hidden love?
  2. When someone makes you angry you...
  3. What is your favorite Twilight Character?
  4. What would you do if your love liked someone else too?
  5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend and her/his enemy/friend are all different with conflicts that are part of their history, what would you do/
  6. What is your ideal power/
  7. You choose to be on who's side during the attack in Eclipse?
  8. What would you do if you had a part in Bella's marriage?
  9. Bella now has Renesmee, when the evil Vampires come what do you do?
  10. Where is your ideal vacation spot?

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Quiz topic: What Twilight Creature am I?