twilight trivia

There are alot of people who have read twilight,but only a few people know it like they know themselves.Those people are true twilight genius's.Those are the people that have twilight knoledge.

Are YOU one of those people? You can take my quiz and find out if you are a true twilight genius. If you know twilight like you know yourselve put yourself to the test and take my quiz.

Created by: gianna gonzalez

  1. what was Edward's full name before he was changed into a vampire?
  2. what was Alices's full name before she was changed into a vampire?
  3. what Year was Rosalie born in?
  4. what was Emmett's name before he was changed into a vampire?
  5. What is the full name of Edward and Bella's child?
  6. Did Carlisle change All his adopted Teens into vampires?
  7. Does Jacob Black eventually fall in love with bella?
  8. what coven is Victoria in?
  9. where was Bella before she came to Forks,Washington?
  10. does Bella eventually fall in love with Jacob Black???

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