The Ultimate Twilight Quiz!

Many people THINK they know Twilight. They go around talking about Bella and the Cullens like they are their family. They boast about their overwhelming knowledge of the vampire novel.

These people are about to be proved wrong! You may THINK you know Twilight, but we never know for sure! UNLESS you take this test! Let's see if you really know your stuff!

Created by: Krista
  1. Where does Bella move from?
  2. In Chapter 1, Bella catches Edward smiling at the lunch table. What is he smiling about?
  3. How does Bella find out that Edward is a vampire?
  4. What do vampires do in the sun? (Really easy one!!!)
  5. Why does Edward decide that he should not kill Bella? (you might have had to read the Midnight Sun manuscript!)
  6. (Movie question!) This question refers to the movie. When Edward first sees Bella in Biology class, what is the teacher talking about in the background?
  7. What is the first way that Bella's life is threatened when she moves to Forks?
  8. Why do vampires have to play baseball during a thunderstorm?
  9. Who said this? "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...."
  10. Why does Edward stay with Bella the night after they go to the meadow?
  11. Who tries to kill Bella all throughout her life?
  12. Where does Bella go right after James calls her?
  13. Who sucks the blood from Bella's wrist?
  14. What color is Bella's prom dress?
  15. What does Jacob come to tell Bella at the prom?

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