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  • Thnx, for commenting on my quiz laughy taffy! I really appreciate that you even took the time to take it! thnx! I guess next time I could make some more improvements for my quizzes! thanks for the advice!

    Oh, and um, you were just supposed to pick the best answer. I should've made it easier though. And I messed up on one of the questions too! woopsies! Oh well. Well thanks again for commenting, and taking the quiz! And for the advice! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  • I thought this was a good quiz. It wasn't as hard as you made it out to be, but it wasn't nearly as bad as laughy taffy said it was, and when there are more than one answer, it says, "#1 and #2" or "#2 and #3". Anyway, fine quiz, thanks!

  • Could have been a LOT harder but it was ok i guess. you should have asked some about the other cullens and their stories and the quilleutes i would have also thrown some in about the quilleute stories in the book( taha aki, third wife, etc.) But i guess not a bad start.

  • dumb ass quiz, most of the questions have more than 1 answer so there is no right answer. how stupid can 1 person get?

    laughy taffy

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