Do you know the Twilight songs?

Sure, you may know Twilight, but do you know the songs in the Twilight movie? Well, if you think you do and you want to prove it to all of your friends, then take my quiz! It's only 12 questions! Take it and see if you really are a Twilight Nerd! If you know everything about the songs in Twilight and everyting else like me, then, GO YOU!

If you think Twilight or any of the actors in the Twilight movie are stupid, then DON'T take this quiz. Other than that, go ahead, take my quiz! You can stop reading this, nothing else is important on it anymore! Just take the quiz, see your results, and leave a comment! Oh! Don't forget to rate my quiz!

Created by: Teffy
  1. Which song does Bella and Edward dance to at the prom. (Slow dancing)
  2. What song is playing while the Cullens and Bella are playing baseball?
  3. While Bella and Edward are up in the trees talking, what song is playing?
  4. When Bella and Edward walk into the prom, what song is playing?
  5. What is the first song that plays? (While Bella is in her mom's car on their way to the airport)
  6. Who wrote "Never Think?"
  7. How many Twilight songs are there?
  8. What did Edward play for Bella on his piano?
  9. Which song was played the most in the movie?
  10. Did you like my quiz? (Pick yes if you want the right answer)

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Twilight songs?