Twilight Trivia Quiz (Difficult)

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Welcome to the Twilight quiz, if you paid attention to the details in the books and the films, then you will ace this quiz! You will be asked questions on all 4 books and all 5 films.

During this quiz, read the questions carefully and have fun answering the questions. Warning! For true Twilight fans only...Also, are you team Edward or team Jacob?

Created by: Louise

  1. What illness was Edward dying of before Carlisle turned him?
  2. What three vampires were in a coven, where all three of them tried to kill Bella?
  3. In New Moon, how many wolves attacked Laurent when he tried to kill Bella in the meadow?
  4. What were Edward and Bella learning about in Biology when they had their first conversation?
  5. Which of these wasn't one of the things Bella knew about Edward in the first book?
  6. How did Emmett nearly die before he was changed into a vampire?
  7. Where did Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon?
  8. On their honeymoon, what did Bella eat a lot of?
  9. 4 of the cullen clan are gifted in breaking dawn, which of these were not one of the gifts?
  10. What gemstone was on the gift that Renee and Charlie gave Bella on her wedding day?

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