How Well Do You Know Twilight?

What does knowing twilight mean? It means you live the twilight movies. It means you haved watched it many times and pay attention to the details and love twilight.

Do YOU know twilight? Do you have commitment to twilight. Until know you can only wonder. Know taking this quiz you will know if you do. In just a minute you will know.

Created by: madison
  1. What song plays at the end of the twilight saga: breaking dawn part two?
  2. Who plays bella
  3. Who play Edward
  4. How long are the twilight movies?
  5. What is Alice's gift?
  6. What is Edwards gift?
  7. Can Edward read bellas mind?
  8. When bella is turned what is her gift?
  9. What is the crime the volturi think the Cullens did?
  10. Is the fight between the Cullens and the volturi real or never really happend?
  11. Who is the female vampire trying to kill bella?
  12. Why does Victoria want to kill bella?
  13. Who is victorias mate?
  14. Who is alices mate?
  15. Who is rosalies mate?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twilight?