Ultimate Twilight Quiz

there are people who think they know all about twilight but do they really know everything. this will test those people. and hopefully some people will actually learn a thing or two about the movie or book they didn't already know.

so take this quiz and see just how much you know about the twilight saga. and hope you know enough about all the details. what's the worst thing that could possibly happen. I hope you enjoy this.

Created by: Missy
  1. In who's perspective is Midnight Sun?
  2. How hot was it when Bella left Phoenix?
  3. What was Edward's thoughts after he smelled Bella's scent for the first time in Biology?
  4. How old is Carlisle?
  5. What were Bella's injuries after the fight with James?
  6. After rescuing Bella in Port Angeles, Edward asked Bella to distract his thoughts,what does she tell him?
  7. In what place did Bella originally find out Edward was a vampire?
  8. What is Edward and Bella's daughter's full name?
  9. What was Bella calling the baby while she carried it (before she gave birth)?
  10. The last real birthday the Cullens celebrated (before Bella) was for who and when?
  11. What color were Edward's eyes originally?
  12. How long have the Cullens been playing baseball?
  13. What was the director's inspiration for the meadow?
  14. Where did they create Arizona for the movie?
  15. What did Kristen's 18th birthday cake have on it?
  16. Where do Bella and Edward go for there honeymoon?
  17. How long is Bella pregnant?
  18. What does Rosalie scratch on the dog bowl she makes for Jake?
  19. What car did Jake drive that belonged to Edward?
  20. What does Alice steal in Italy?
  21. In her auditions what does Rachel (Victoria) do?

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