The Ultimate Twilight Series Quiz

You defiently love the books way to go. You can handle the really hard questions. Keep up the good work and take the quiz agian. Tell all your friends about this amazing quiz. Keep up the good work and way to go.

Can you handle the though qustions that are going to be throwen out at you. Do you have what it takes to get a hundred percent on this quiz. If so take it and find out. If you score high good job if not keep trying.

Created by: Ashlie
  1. How many chromosomes do werewolves have?
  2. How many chromosomes do vampires have?
  3. Where did Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon?
  4. What day did Edward and Bella got married?
  5. Where was Alice when Bella was pregnat?
  6. Who did Jacob imprint on?
  7. Who hates Bella
  8. Who is Edwards playfull bear of a brother?
  9. Which Cullen can control emotions?
  10. What is Edwards Full Name?
  11. Who saves Bella from being hit by Tyler's van?
  12. What instument does Edward play?
  13. Who goes after Bella when James dies?
  14. Who sucks the vemon out of Bella's wrist?
  15. Who comes to warn the Cullens about James?
  16. What prize did Edward and Bella get for being the first ones done in biology?
  17. What color was Bella's prom dress?
  18. Who turned her back on Bella when she went through her zombie phase?
  19. What native american tribe does Jacob and Billy Black belong to?
  20. Who is the newest "vegertain" to the Cullen family?
  21. Who is Esme married to
  22. Who is Charlie's least faviorte person?
  23. Who says "He looks at you like your something to eat"?
  24. In what book does Edward propse and Bella thinks its a joke
  25. Who changed Bella into a vampire?
  26. Which Cullen can see the future?
  27. Who says "Features dead Angela don't bring it up again?
  28. Who saves Bella in Port Angeles?
  29. Who leaves her home of Phoniex,Arizona?
  30. Who has no memory of their human life?
  31. Who was changed during the Civil War?
  32. Who was beaten by her fiancee and left for dead?
  33. Who did Carlisle change first?
  34. What age was Edward changed?
  35. What was Edward dying of in 1918?
  36. Who thought Renesmee was an immortal child?
  37. Who is Emmett married to?
  38. Who was Jasper changed by?
  39. Who is in Jacob's pack
  40. What is Bella's full name at the end of Breaking Dawn?

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