So you think you are a Twilighter?

There are alot of devoted twilight fans out there that know everything to know about the series. Are you one of those people? Are you a Twilighter? Well if you think you are try this quiz and see if you are really a twilight or just one of those girls/boys who say they are just because they read the book once and ssen the movie.

do you have what it takes to be a twilighter. Are you one of those crazy fan girls who spend 24/7 talking about twilight. well if you THINK you are try this test. this questions are some what hard and im not suprized if you get one wrong i've whached the movie 10 times and im reading the series for the 3rd time in the last month.

Created by: Kara
  1. What is Edwards whole name?
  2. What is Bella and Edwards child named?
  3. How old is Edward really? (in the book)
  4. How old is Edward really? (in the movie)
  5. When will New Moon Movie be coming to theaters? (US)
  6. what disease did Edward have that was killing him?
  7. Where was edward born & when?
  8. What is Emmets Favorite Animal to hunt?
  9. Before becoming a vampire Rosalie Lillian Hale got engaged to?
  10. Jasper Whitlock Hale fought in which war?

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